Relocating to a place you don't know anyone can be tough, but failure to make new friends and create a new social network can lead to isolation, homesickness, and depression.

Learn what to do right now to make sure that you don't fall victim to loneliness. Get tips and strategies to help you overcome the initial hurdles that are keeping you from meeting new people.

What You'll Learn:

  • The 5 mistakes you need to be aware of to stop yourself from becoming lonely and isolated
  • Why each of these mistakes has the potential to stop you in your tracks when you try to meet people after relocating
  • Tips and solutions to allow you to create a new social network which is at the forefront of your social success after moving!



"Coaching with Heather was not only tons of fun, but also completely transformational. Like many of us, my visions for my future, personally and professionally, felt scattered. I was uncertain of what I wanted or how I could get it. Heather guided me through these murky waters with understanding, humor, and enthusiasm to help me find clarity and purpose. I could completely be myself with her. She made the coaching process so effortless and fun."

Katie, New York City
College Advisor, Yoga Instructor

"Heather has strong compassion for her clients. She coached me through a very emotional issue. I found great comfort knowing she was very present in each step of the session and gently guided me through a series of possible choices."

Lupita G., Brooklyn, NY








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